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This has the potential to be my longest blog post as it’s such a passion of mine. I’m extremely excited to write about it in this forum as the Sunshine Coast is literally, the best place in Australia, to be right now when it comes to tech. We have the best connectivity to the rest of the world than anywhere else in the country.

Technology rules the world. Impacting every facet of lives from consumption to conversation. That hardly needed to be written as we all know it, but whether we like to acknowledge it is a different story. I’ve made friends with it. If you’ve seen how I do business in the real estate arena, tech is leveraged to simply outperform the competition. Live data, responsive campaigns and quicker results are all driven by tech.

Much like the stigma of developers and estate agents I’ve mentioned in previous posts, tech is touted as the unnatural enemy of customer service. I’m here to tell you it’s a falsehood on a scale that scares me. Get around it if you haven’t already. Learn what emerging tech is making waves in your industry and implement it. Trial and test it, invest.

My belief? The Sunshine Coast is going to be recognised as the technological innovation and leadership capital of Australia sooner or later. Most likely sooner, because tech moves quickly.

The Maroochydore CBD exists. As if that Tron-esque “Landing Station” on the corner of Maud and Future doesn’t look and sound sci-fi enough already! This is the beginning of something hugely exciting. The type of businesses, minds and overall thought leadership that is going to come out of this region in the next few years is game changing.

Want to be a part of it? Tying in all of my blog post themes so far about the abundant opportunity and reasons for optimism is a clear message. The time is now. Embrace where we live, who’s already a part of our business and wider community and just… connect and create.

Try something new this week. Invest an hour of your time to learn about something in tech that’s relevant to your business. Then, set an action to either further your research or to implement a change right now. Immersing ourselves in tech as a business community today, means we’re now a part of that innovation and leadership tomorrow.

What technology has started to change the way your industry does business? Have you identified the opportunities and threats and taken action? I’d love to hear about it.

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