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Regressive / Progressive

This week, I’ve been thinking about how brands differ in regional Australia to those in big cities. The key difference I’ve observed is that businesses in regions like ours present as much more accessible, authentic brands. In the city, they fight for a voice in the established business arena, with a bigger is better undertone to their marketing. A ‘choose us because we’ve grown huge and therefore a shining success story’ kind of mentality.

Here, I’d argue that’s more of a detractor than anything. Stuffy, old school businesses don’t seem to fit here. We’re progressive, nimble, personal and all of that good stuff… by design. We’re proud of our local businesses and the way they serve the community.

This drives some awesome flow-ons for businesses here too. flexible, lifestyle focussed internal cultures, fiercely loyal customers and an innate ability to adapt to the ever-changing macro environment your business operates in.

It’s exciting to be on the coast and see so many new businesses grow and evolve. Ironically, my industry seems to be one of the exceptions. The majority of real estate agencies remain steadfast in being pretty old school here. However, there are some real innovators and I count myself amongst the group of rule breakers. Whether it’s simply wearing shorts and an untucked shirt while conducting business, or like myself, embracing big data and emerging technology to drive better business outcomes for my clients; I love the groundswell movement on the coast for change for the better.

But the point of this blog is to spark thought and conversation so I guess the main point is this. Some people say that the coast is behind the times, sleepy and almost endearingly, a little backward. Others say that we’re super progressive and much more sustainable and future focussed than most other regions in the country.

In any business, we care about the opinions of our customers. We’re providing our community goods and services, making them all effective stakeholders in our operations. With these narratives seemingly opposed, it’s still easy to see the common ground. We love the Sunshine Coast. So what business decisions are you making to drive innovation or preserve our way of life? Is our regional essence, with roots in country and surf culture, just as vibrant today?

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