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Personal Brand Power

Ok, so personal brand. Love it or loathe it, it’s powerful stuff. My favourite part is that it becomes our life’s work. Sure, the brands we build commercially for our businesses are important as well, but ultimately get translated into equity when it comes time to sell and move on to new ventures. Your brand however, follows you. More than that, it becomes a commercial asset too. When managed, leveraged and associated correctly, it opens doors.

What happens when we combine our personal brand and a region like the Sunshine Coast? It becomes even more important to build and maintain as we realise it’s a small place and our customer base is finite, but growing rapidly. It drives loyalty in itself, creates esteem for any venture you put your name to. Just like a celebrity chef opening a restaurant, where it’s not a grounds-up brand building process. They simply leverage their personal brand by association.

By reasserting the power of personal brand and knowing the risk vs reward of neglect vs nurture, let’s unlock the next level of brand building today. Using a tactic I deployed for a few businesses I worked with over the years, we can create something awesome for ourselves and our community at the same time.

It’s collaboration. In essence, it means working together to brand build for each other. An artist painting a mural for a restaurant. A drone photographer shooting videos for a fishing charter . A bike shop working with a school on a bike share program. Examples like this, when done well on a business level, lifts the profile of both brands and helps them strengthen their respective positioning strategy through association. It’s also exciting from a creativity standpoint for consumers and gets the attention of both customer bases and essentially cross promotes, creating new audiences.

On a personal brand level, collaboration works a different magic. It creates an opportunity for like-minded people to get together from different industries in the same region and share knowledge and networks.

Most excitingly, is the compound effect of collaboration at scale. The whole community benefits.

For me, building and promoting my personal brand is vital to success. My value as a property agent is wholly and solely my reputation paired with demonstrated competency to get desired results. One simply doesn’t work without the other. My reputation for being likeable isn’t going to get me very far if I can’t demonstrate an ability to negotiate a property sale, and vice versa. People won’t want to transact with a wanker even if they’re a top performer.

I invite everyone here to think about how their personal brand is entwined with their business’ brand. They’re both so important and on the Sunshine Coast, your personal brand is arguably more so. Just like you do with your business, I encourage you to map out a marketing plan to build your personal brand too. Better still, compound that by seeking a collaboration that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

So do you silently steer the ship in your business and let the brand do the talking? Or, are you personally accessible standing in front of the brand as an ambassador?

Regardless of whether your name is publicly facing in your branding or not, let’s acknowledge the coast is a region operated by people, not corporations. What steps are you taking to build your personal brand on the coast?

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