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They’re here. As the Sunshine Coast swells with new residents from south of the border, it’s important to examine the changes they bring to our regional economy from a consumer behaviour perspective.

To those used to living in the city, immediacy has become expected. Convenience is key. And while our affinity for supporting and buying local isn’t threatened, we might start to feel a shift in expectations.

Regardless of where we live, we all love space on our roads and loathe queues to eat or shop. We now have an opportunity to tailor our customer experience and find more efficiency as the region continues to grow.

Perhaps it’s time to survey your client base, giving them a voice to reassert what’s important to them and tweaking your brand experience based on their feedback. In addition, is there an opportunity to borrow some creativity from your competition down south, maybe giving you a point of difference up here?

A working example is the approach to real estate Local Property Group have adopted. We’ve tweaked our marketing strategy to better engage interstate buyers. Through analysing enquiry data, we identified the southern states prefer to The result is a different marketing spend split and the exclusive use of a pre-marketing tool from Domain.

A touchpoint for someone transacting from their couch in Sydney is a lot different to a handshake with a potential buyer at a private property inspection directly. Then there’s buyers agents to consider too, who we engage with differently again.

Existing business on the coast is no different. How has your company’s product or service adapted to change lately? I’d love to invite a discussion below and to share knowledge from all industries, growing together as a region.

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