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Idyllic - Both Time & Place

Following from last week’s post on energy. I wanted to share some excitement, as another source of energy. We are under-profiled as a region. Our growth potential is huge and we’re in on the ground floor.

In real estate, I spend a lot of time in the future, discussing where we're going and how to best service the requirements of tomorrow’s client. In all accounts, always, the Sunshine Coast is nodded to be a region on the rise. We all take it for granted every now and again but I just wanted a quick reset this week to acknowledge the mammoth potential for every individual already operating here, as you’re part of something huge. As cities mature, changes happen to the commerce arena. More competition, higher barriers to entry, a fundamental change to the landscape of opportunity.

As someone relatively young who didn’t grow up on the coast, I was a little jaded when I first engaged the business community. I had effectively “missed the boat”. The narrative was that property prices and commercial opportunities had already had their boom.

I like to use my blog as a small platform for positivity and a huge part of that is spreading optimism. Mainstream news takes care of the negative bias and fear-mongering while a whole raft of community story-tellers try to cut through the noise and spread the good stuff. So here I am to remind us that this region rocks. Sure, a lot of change and growth has already happened, drastically changing the coast. But we live in the ultimate mountains by the sea dreamscape! Our lifestyle isn’t threatened like some people like to believe, it’s just getting started. We need to stay optimistic because life is too short for pessimism. Let’s build our businesses and lives here like it’s only just beginning and enjoy all the fruits of a growing, prosperous paradise.

So the question I want to ask this week is what development project are you most excited about on the coast? I’m now on a mission to abolish the stigma around the word development, much like I am for the term real estate agent. But that’s for a different blog post…

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