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Energy In - Energy Out

Energy is the key to our productivity. Sure, I can create energy through ingesting the right nutrients, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep but is that all there is to it? For me, energy is generated from both intrinsic and extrinsic sources. In other words, energetic people charge me up as much as taking my vitamin b in the morning.

This week, I’ve been thinking if I’m doing enough to maximise my energy. I seem to be emptying my tank faster than I can fill it and therefore missing a key window of opportunity each day to get more done. It then got me thinking about the Sunshine Coast as a region. Do we do enough as a collective to generate and share energy? A thriving community builds esteem for one another through beaming positive vibes every day. On the back of that, our happiness index shifts and we feel healthier and more productive.

As the coast gets busier, our number of organic interactions with those around us increases too. Living in a busy region means our energy requirements increase. As a result, I’m looking for new ways to find energy from the people around me. I’d love this blog to serve as a reminder to us all that we achieve much better outcomes for ourselves and our businesses when we have positive interactions with our community. Comments on social posts, a smile and a thanks when we transact with local businesses or even just a wave as a passer-by. I believe these 1 percenters stack up pretty quickly.

The flow-ons from elevated energy become hugely powerful in our daily lives. I know that if I’m energetic and enthusiastic with a potential home buyer, three things happen. Firstly, the more likely they are to transact with me. Secondly, they become positioned to pay an emotional price above the market value. Thirdly, they become advocates, generating more business.

All of that is achieved through simply being conscious about my energy sourcing and use. Realising that it is exchanged in the community means I’m now always looking for ways to build it for others in my day-to-day.

What’s your favourite source of extrinsic energy? Podcasts/music? Morning huddles with your team? Evening runs with your dog? All of these activities have opportunities to connect with others and share energy. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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