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Let’s get meta and talk about content. Blogs, videos, posts, infographics, ebooks, webinars and more. I love the variety of opinions I hear on this topic. Passionate proponents, to those who reject the value of it entirely, or those expressing absolute indifference on the matter.

With real estate agent content, I see so much repetition, very little originality. I came into this industry because I saw a huge opportunity to do something different. The gap in the market is the provision of a tailored digital marketing strategy for my clients. This ensures stacks of qualified enquiry on their home before negotiating an outstanding price with the right buyer. With that point of difference in mind, I then target every medium I can to get that message out there. Blogs included.

I respect that content is regarded as largely digital and doesn’t suit all industries and all demographics but I want to start to challenge that. I define content as any piece of communication, in any form that you create. A letter, a conversation, a friggin’ note attached to a receipt that adds a bit of value to the person buying your goods or services. It’s all content and it all counts. Moreover, it all goes towards your marketing strategy to grow through awareness, advocacy and being front of mind just at the right time.

I want to change the way we see marketing content because the way we consume content sure has! Let’s create new touchpoints for our potential and existing customers.

If you’re struggling to create content, borrow creativity from your peers or competition in other regions like I mentioned in my very first blog. Or, like me, you can change your mindset which helped the idea flow freely from then on. Would you like me to share that little bit of wisdom from one of the world’s most esteemed marketers? Sure you would…

Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard global, suggests we have the business equation completely wrong. To strive for customer loyalty is wrong. It creates a toxic culture by design that the customer should be loyal to you just because they bought from you. The mindset shift came at this moment… We instead need to constantly strive to be loyal to our customers!

Deceptively simple right? Deceptively powerful too. I now, unequivocally in my mind, continually strive to be loyal to my customers both potential and existing and to the community of the Sunshine Coast as a whole. I provide a service for the community that is facilitating the transaction of property. My content is trying to add value every way I can. It carries my brand and my enthusiasm to do business with you too but I’d like to think that’s obvious by now.

What product or service do you provide to the community and how can we all start working together to show loyalty to our customers? Please share your content ideas below as I’d love our region’s business community to lead the change in society engagement.

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