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A vocational real estate agent, my unorthodox path to this industry culminates over a decade of professional marketing industry experience.


As an executive from Melbourne, I helped drive business success in roles titled Brand Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager and more. Before completing my marketing degree, I was intrigued how we all form intangible bonds and behavioural loyalty to brand names and the businesses behind them. It’s a fascinating realm of consumer psychology. I’ve built my career around helping brands build equity. Nothing embodies our emotional association with products and places more than our relationships with our homes.

The transition to real estate allows me to bring my unique skill set to the foreground while I further refine both my marketing ability and negotiation skills to help home owners succeed in the sale of their property.


To help me perform on your behalf with all the energy and focus required to succeed, I recharge in nature. As an avid hiker, mountain biker, climber, kiteboarder and paddler, I invite you to make the most of the Sunshine Coast’s idyllic mountains by the sea profile, without a doubt the lifestyle mecca of Australia.

I’m passionate about space and place, as the human condition sees us seek existence in a habitat that invokes individuality and personalisation. Occupying a home is where most people find stability and sanctity as well as where they can express their identity. Trading property is therefore so much more than a building and land package sold to the highest bidder. It’s a complex relationship management service that when executed well, forms the basis of an exciting career in real estate.


The ethos that underpins my career success is providing diligent care to clients through  structure, discipline and process driven results.


I’d love the opportunity to represent your home in today’s market and if you’re considering selling now or in the future, please reach out.




When moving to pursue a real estate career, I aligned with Local Property Group as an absolute standout in the industry. The level of care for clients and unwavering focus on culture, ethics and performance standards, is on a completely different level to the competition.


Personally, the mentorship of the young achievers comprising the leadership team represents a focus on future growth, setting them on a trajectory to continually redefine what a modern real estate agency looks like in Australia.


The progressive region of the Sunshine Coast continues to evolve faster than the national average and as agents, we’re tasked with keeping up, not keeping with tradition.


From my brand management perspective, I am proud to represent such a holistically visionary group of individuals, marketed under an appealing modern moniker that is Local Property Group.


Poised for rapid growth and success (read: domination) of the Sunshine Coast property market, I encourage anyone considering selling their home or looking for property management or mortgage brokerage, to choose Local.


Learn more about Local Property Group here.


Or to see us in action, invite us over for a free appraisal.


As property agents, we have two key proficiencies to continually refine in the pursuit of success for our clients. Marketing and negotiation. A bespoke skill set in both arenas should largely influence your choice of agent, to represent your property.



At its core, effective marketing is achieved in real estate when a reach (impression) strategy is blended with targeted micro-marketing to attract every possible buyer cluster to your property. 


Let’s say your modern, single story, 2 bedroom standalone unit appeals to downsizers, first time home buyers, investors and limited mobility buyers to name a few. As they all see a different appeal in your property and it’s vital to tell the right story to the right potential buyer, to prevent them scrolling any further. Engineering a tailored conversation is the best way to engage and excite them about the opportunity to buy your property. To achieve this, you need a savvy marketer in your corner to ensure no potential buyer falls through the cracks. They could be the one who sees huge value in your property, well above the competition and the asking price.




Effective negotiation is measured simply as a win-win for all parties. But as a process, negotiation consists of many skills that work together to achieve a desired outcome. As a real estate agent, the core value to the client is demonstrated negotiation acumen.

When choosing a property agent, I encourage you to ask for a clearly defined marketing and negotiation strategy. A marketing plan should be buyer-centric and the negotiation strategy should be market-centric. That focused combination will ensure they are always working in your best interest in the current real estate arena as it continues to change rapidly.


The culmination of marketing and negotiation proficiency, coupled with the support of the whole Local team and work ethic, makes the choice easy.


I, on behalf of Local Property Group, can’t wait to represent you and your property, promising to make the end-to-end process of selling your home, an exciting experience, as it should be.


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